How Bolt Factory Wins Customers' Love

Facing the stimulating China Nut industry competition, more and more Bolt Factory began to attach importance to customer service

The current competition in the China Nut industry has changed from the previous "commodity competition" to "service competition", so it is very important for Bolt Factory to improve service awareness. Only by improving the staff's service awareness can the service level be truly improved. The service consciousness of Bolt Factory has a great influence on the behavior of customers. Only with active service consciousness at work and manifested in the behavioral measures favored by customers can we win more customers.

Establish a customer first service concept

What will enterprises fight for in the future? fight for service!

The marketing concepts of Chinese enterprises have mainly experienced four periods:

① The manufacturing concept of "the emperor's daughter is not worried about getting married";

②The product concept of "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys";

③The sales concept of "good goods must be yelled frequently";

④ The service concept of "customer-centered and need-oriented".

The current service marketing concept is compared with the traditional marketing concept. The difference is that the focus of Bolt Factory is not to discuss what products to manufacture, but to study what customers need; instead of discussing the price of the product, it pays attention to the customer’s purchase cost; What kind of promotional activities, but to find ways to strengthen communication with customers; not to discuss how to set up distribution channels, but to consider the convenience of customers to buy. Traditional marketing makes money through sales, while service marketing makes money through customer satisfaction. The inevitable goal of Bolt Factory is to make profits. More and more companies feel that the real profit model of the company should be to continuously create value for customers, so excellent companies claim to be service-oriented companies.

Facing the stimulating China Nut industry competition, more and more Bolt Factory began to attach importance to customer service, taking customer first as the key service concept, actively approaching customers, and centering on customer needs and interests to maximize customer needs. Therefore, service has become an important manifestation of Bolt Factory's competitiveness.