Details Of Using Vegetable Planter

After the above study, I have seen and understood the use of Planting Machine, then everyone must have a certain understanding.

   To understand the use of Vegetable Planter, we must not be very clear about the use of Vegetable Planter, then we should understand it, as long as this is the way to control this aspect of knowledge, let us now take a look at the use of Vegetable Planter.

   Seedling raising has advantages compared with conventional seedling raising. 1. The seedling cultivation is labor-saving, labor-saving, and the efficiency of mechanized consumption is high. The nursery adopts precision seeding, and the seedlings are formed at one time. A series of operations from substrate mixing, loading to seeding and covering are completed and automated control. Miaoling is 10-20 days shorter than conventional seedlings, which improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity and reduces workload. 2. Seedling can save energy, seeds and seedling space. Seedling raising is direct seedling with dry seeds, one hole and one seed and concentrated seedlings. The amount of seedlings per unit area is higher than that of conventional seedlings. The use of seedlings can effectively increase the maintenance consumption area. 3. Low seedling costs. After use, the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 30%~50%. 4. Facilitate standardized management. It is especially suitable in areas where there are few seedling raising techniques. With the development of the urban economy, new vegetable fields are being developed from time to time, facing the lack of vegetable planting technology. The development of seedlings has enabled more agricultural investors to deal with the difficulties of seedling technology. 5. There is no slow seedling period. The method is adopted to raise seedlings, because the seedlings have strong resistance to stress, and the planting does not damage the roots, and there is no slow seedling period. Seedlings are easy to transplant and have a high survival rate. 6. Suitable for long-distance transportation. Seedling raising is based on light-substrate and soilless materials as the seedling substrate, which has the characteristics of light specific gravity, strong water retention ability, and the root tufts are not easy to disperse. It is suitable for long-distance transportation. 7. The seedlings are suitable for mechanized transplanting, which broadens the prospects for the vegetable market. 8. The seedlings in each hole are relatively independent, which not only reduces the spread of pests and diseases between each other, but also reduces the nutrition grab between the seedlings. The root system can also be adequately developed and the quality of seedlings can be improved. The use of seedlings has made vegetable seedlings specialization, the supply of seedlings has been commercialized, and the consumption process has been mechanized, which has been universally liked by people and is currently improving rapidly.

   After the above study, I have seen and understood the use of Planting Machine, then everyone must have a certain understanding. If you still have some unintelligible central authorities who can consult our company, our company wholeheartedly waits for the arrival of friends from all walks of life.