I readily completed the fish section of my museum

I readily completed the fish section of my museum

I readily completed the fish section of my museum on Animal Crossing Bells December 1st. I am positive I will complete the insect segment on December 10th when snow comes along with my final bug can be found.

100%ing an Animal Crossing game in under 500 hours is something that was previously impossible without codes or hacking. With New Horizons, it's no only completely possible, but likely for anyone committed to doing so. That says a good deal about the amount of content and game design.

Again, if you enjoy the game, that is wonderful. But a lot of us are frustrated with the lack of content and glaring flaws. This game could be ideal, but it desperately needs help. You're free to enjoy what you would like to enjoy, other men and women are free to appreciate the things that they would like to enjoy. You're allowed to say that NH is better than NL, other men and women are permitted to say NL is better than NH.

I have seen articles like those, and I've also seen unlimited"0/10 game just fun for two weeks reeeee" comments as well. Guess you only saw what you wanted to see.Okay, but the simple fact that you did that in the first place just proves my point that people have been whining about this game since it's launch lol. You're among those folks complaining about it from the beginning. Do you not see how that merely proves my point??They also all were dressed as Jack, and Jack would move around town so you had to Attempt to Discover who the Actual Jack was so That You could give him candy

Now they just run up to you, you are the person which should initiate conversation, if you do not have candy they don't even bother"pranking" you, in case you do have candy but do not give it they"prank" you by face-painting you and then the first one that really does this immediately provides you a mirror (just imagine if the participant may be even the slightest bit inconvenienced in any way, oh dear god the horror!!!!!) And also you give candies to them in the hopes that they give you a lollipop so you can give that to Jack for, what else, DIYs and shit.

The rest of your remark is fairly true, but I had been wondering what you meant by not being able to find layouts and put them up in the store? I swear I've seen tons of posts by people of their critters wearing custom layouts lol. And because custom layouts you get online are just put into your designs, doesn't that mean your animals could wear them? Presumably by placing them up on that wall in the back of the shop?

I read a few other comments and this comes down to personal taste. A lot. I have sunk more time than any other game. I complain because I feel the game could be better and I'm expecting Ninty to send on the updates, even if it buy Animal Crossing Items requires time.