Questing will be another thing on your checklist.

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Although members have access to magic timber, this can be worth meager 130k gold per hour, which is almost barely profitable when compared to another money making method restricted for associates. We have listed it among other tips, to paint a full picture of OSRS gold rewarding and warn you that although some actions might bring gold, it's not always worth your time (unless you are RPing as a woodcutter, which is fine).

FISHING. Old as the planet food gathering and rewarding hobby is maybe not the most cost-effective way of making gold bits in OSRS, however it's the chillest, undoubtedly. Regrettably non-membership players are limited to catching lobsters at Musa Point near Port Sarim, which ends up to score you around 20k gold each hour. It is not the best deal, but should you've already obtained membership and are searching for places to up your angling game, catching infernal eels provides about 280k gold each hour while being almost AFK. You don't even need the feathers lures. If you are not afraid of PKers and would like something a tad more intensive, dark crabs are waiting out there for you, scoring 380k gold each hour.

GOLD NECKLACES. Those more keen on staying in the comforts of cities that this method must suit the maximum. It doesn't require membership account, has low entrance requirements (only level your crafting ability to 6 and you're good to go), helps you skill Crafting, and yields about 100k gold pieces per hour by just pulling some golden rings and bars molds and stuffing them in the furnace. Considering that is non-membership method and taking into account that requirements are virtually non-existent, this should be your go-to if you would like to make some gold quickly.

Questing will be another thing on your checklist. You want to finish as many missions as possible - especially the ones that can give you travelling things like Ectophial or Camulet. As mentioned earlier, you'll have to be self dependent when it comes to travelling every origin of teleport that can get you nearer to a destination is a blessing. Many missions have high requirements and are not possible to Old School RS Gold be completed right away but keep in mind that those who you can do should be completed right away. You'll receive from them not merely rewards in the form of things but also a much needed experience.