This construct is probly best for dueling and great for CW

This construct is probly best for dueling and great for CW

I am considering 3 different equipment types. They are as follows... This construct will be good for str training. Idk when the fury is well worth it tho. Perfect for pest management that is one of my fav mini games. My next build switches the fury with a RS gold DFS. This is the best defensive option. Probly not as great for training str as build 1 because of the deficiency of acc due to no d defender. This could be amazing for CW that I love to perform though. Also, I would have to raise about 2 mil for this construct unless I oust the berserker ring.

This construct is probly best for dueling and great for CW. Perhaps even pest (high attack is good for hitting the portals). The issue is that I hear GWs are poor at training str. The question is"how awful?" Which do u think is the best? Could u provide a better alternative to those while staying withing 30 mil? Maybe a bandos thing? All 3 options are attractive to me. I just really need to know that high breaking thing is most worth it (fury, DFS, BGS).

I am a Runecrafter and one of my favorite items to craft is Astral Runes. I am able to craft doubles that generally nets me a HUGE profit but lately Astrals have awakened in cost. Because of this, I've had to change into Nature Runes which I do not enjoy crafting as much.

I know that Bonus Expertise Weekend played it's part in murdering costs for nearly everything, but damn... this is absurd. This is 22gp above Pure Essense that is shocking to say the very least. Fortunately, I could craft doubles and so I'd still have the opportunity to make a slight profit. (Astrals happen to be going up in the last few times but they droped from 125 to 121 today. Fantastic thing I offered mine beforehand.) Anyway, What the Hell happend to Astral Runes? Will they go back up soon? Post your ideas, Please. - Eraser. Possible Reasons: The Energy Transfer Update, Bots, Bonus Expertise Weekend, Ring of Wealth, Other Resources of Astrals.

So my armor currently is only: Dragon med helm, Rune platebody, rune platelegs, boots of lightness, fight bracelet, dragon scimi/longsword and after that just my Lumbridge job ring two and Power Amulet. I lately got 70 def and requested one of buy osrs gold paypal my friends what they think is great for level 70 def, however they range and mage so I just wanted to ask here in order to make sure and to hear other people's opinions.