Why Does Chipper Shredder Crack?

Chipper Shredder is a kind of equipment that mainly crushes large materials.

   Chipper Shredder is a kind of equipment that mainly crushes large materials. Therefore, during the construction process, the equipment frame is easily damaged. The longer phenomenon is the phenomenon of frame cracking. What are the main reasons?
  1. The movable jaw and fixed jaw of Chipper Shredder continued to be used after the tooth profile was worn out, without timely maintenance.
  2. The quality problems of the equipment itself caused by poor casting technology or welding during the production of Chipper Shredder.
  3. The fixing of the fixed jaw is not strong enough. The Chipper Shredder has been working in continuous vibration for a long time, causing the fixed jaw to loosen, hitting the front wall of the rack, and causing damage to the rack.
  4. The bolts of the frame bearing were not tightened during installation, and they were loose.
  5. The rigidity difference of the bottom of the equipment mainframe is out of tolerance or collapses, causing the frame to jump;
   6. The flywheel counterweight is misaligned due to eccentric shaft, pin damage or loose expansion sleeve.
  7. The selection of brackets and bracket pads is unqualified and cannot withstand huge impact. Chipper Shredder cannot play the role of buffering and self-protection when subjected to strong impacts, causing damage or breakage of the frame.
Among them, the Chipper Shredder rack of Log Splitter manufacturers has a lot to do with the design and use method. Therefore, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and inspection during use, and replace the more severely worn parts in time to avoid rack cracking. Thus affecting the use of equipment.