Beginners Guide in Growtopia

The Growtopia World Locks will have a dotted green radius to let you knoe where your locked area ends.

Growtopia is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox building game that lets players collect resources, craft items, and build their own worlds while playing on their own or with other real players around the world.

Congrats! You have created your own GT character! You will spawn at the world START to learn about the World of GT. So what should you do next?

What to do now?

Beginners are recommended to enter a new world (just type a name on the world search box)

You will find yourself (hopefully) in an uninhabitated world. Start Punching dirt and cave background. You will get dirt, dirt seeds, cave background, cave background seeds and even a few Gems. Keep everything you get and continue to break blocks until your Gems count reaches 50. (The counter can be seen at the top right corner, represented by a red gem and a few numbers beside it) Then, click on the red gem to open up the item shop. You should use the 50 Gems that you earned to buy a Small Lock.

Hopefully, you have entered an open world. An open world is when there are no locks, or the world is not world locked. You'll see the dirt underneath you, so start digging. You'll need 50 gems ASAP.

After you have collected 50 gems, you probably have an assortment of dirt, rocks, and cave background. Hopefully, you'll have teardrop shaped items called seeds, mainly in dirt and cave background. You will probably have the occasional rock seed, for they don't drop seeds as often, and they are hard to find in a world, or less common. Just make sure you have 50 gems. Click on where the screen totals your 50 or more gems. A new menu will pop up. You can buy item packs, and buy gems with real money. You can also earn free gems. For now, scroll down and go to the "Locks and Stuff"menu, and purchase a Small Lock.

TIP: If anyone enters the world, just leave and make a new one.

Now you have your Small lock, place it above the white door. The Growtopia World Locks will have a dotted green radius to let you knoe where your locked area ends. Right now, just put one dirt block on both sides of the locked white door. Now your world is safe.

Whats Next?

Splicing is simply an act of combining two seeds. For example, when you click a seed in your inventory, there should be white squares on the screen to show where you can plant the seeds. Plant a seed, then select another seed and plant it on the EXACT same spot. You will then create your first spliced tree.Here are some basic examples of splicing seeds:

dirt + cave background = door

dirt+ door = grass

lava + dirt = wood

At this point you may be wondering, since dirt and door makes grass, and dirt and cave background makes door, why not plant a dirt seed, then splice it with a cave background seed AND then another dirt seed? Well, unfortunately, when you try something like that you will see a message:”It would be dangerous to try to mix 3 seeds”=you can’t do it. Also, the higher the rarity of an object (e.g. dirt rarity 1) the harder it is for it to drop seeds, and the quantity you get from harvesting the tree is lesser. However, the rarer the item, the more gems it drops when it is destroyed. You should try to splice as many trees as possible, since harvesting a tree drops gems.

[Recommended] Continue breaking blocks (aka farming) until you reached 2000 gems, where it is preferable to get a world lock (WL) and lock your entire world. This means other people who have no access to the world cannot break your creations. After all, you would not want your hard work to be destroyed by someone else, would you?

[Recommended] Farm until you reach another 2000 gems. Buy another WL and go get yourself some sugarcane seeds (roughly around 30 seeds per WL) Sugarcane is not available in the store (unless you buy the rare seed pack, but we will be skipping that) so you have to go buy from other people. This is where the trade system comes in handy.


Trading is a risky affair. You may be trading with a person who likes to rip off others or a person who likes to scam, so be aware. Check the market world for different prices on different items so you know how not to incur a loss. Use the trade system when trading.(This is done by using the wrench on the tiny wrench symbol besides that persons name) If the trader asks you to DROP your WL and he will drop his sugarcane, one word: DON’T. If you are trading in your world, you risk him taking your dropped WL. If you are in his world (that is to say, he is the owner), you risk being BANNED from the world the moment you drop your WL. Either way, it is bye-bye 2000 gems if you drop that WL.

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