They Are Easy To kill, and drop Some good Drops.

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So my friend claimed that I'm not able to kill 50 Mithril Dragons in one trip and RuneScape gold I truly wish to show him wrong. I didn't take a BoB with food and pots, only a Fire Titan, so clearly I can dramatically increase my killcount by doing that. However, I imagine myself to be short a few kills and want help optimizing my equipment and supplies to get as many kills as possible. I need help thinking of any way possible to enhance this setup so as to handle 50 kills. Any tips whatsoever would be nice.

I messed up BIG TIME somehow on the Shilo Village quest - is there some way to start over? I've been attempting to finish pursuit for a month today! Somehow I can not recognize the ruins. I have attempted to return to the start and do everything again, I've searched every inch of the cave - LITERALLY EVERY INCH! - When I go back to Tuff he tells me to bury the remains in the middle of town rather than at the statue such as the pursuit guides state. If I struck the Quest status on my character it says the following still needs to be done (not crossed off yet)Which is the very best means of speeding up my stats please? I am a Member. Right now I'm ranging and magic Blue Dragons (L111) / meleeing Ogress Champions (L99) and burying their own bones. Yeah Just like they Said, utilize a scimmy, While performing Less damage, However, it hits Much more Quicker. Doing Ogres lvl 99, is not very good for training. Maybe Doing Slayer Would Help. But an Easy Way Of train Melee Could be Moss Giants.

They Are Easy To kill, and drop Some good Drops. Bring your Greatest Armour, And Your Entire Inventory full of food. They Don't Drop anything, so you Can power Train. After performing Biohazard you can go to The training floor north of ardougon. Use a Bone Cross Bow Using Bone bolts, Use you BEST Ranging Bonus Armour.

Don't Even Bother For Melee Defense, the Ogres There Can Not Affect you, But you Retrieve you Bolts. Don't bother using their Drops. Unless they Drop Ranarr Seeds or cheap RS gold snapdragon seeds. You Can Power Train. Now Remember Always utilize Slayer to Train, since it's quite Great, unless you would like to electricity train like I stated Above for Quicker Results. I really don't have a lot to say for agility As mine is liek 34 or something... If you would like to ask for anything else just Pm Me or Reply.