I realize the main reason

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I've had my personality standing about in my POH for periods as long as the hour, off and on since the DD came out, without a sign of RS gold a rock. ** So I'm curious as to whether anybody else has gotten any, how much time it took, and what (if anything) you'd your character doing when you got it.

 I realize the main reason for not giving rocks whilst really TRAINING Structure is is likely linked to the inner workings of the Construction Mode, but it's Just Plain Stupid. The entire point of Shattered Heart is assumed to be to benefit those people who work on all skills... what the expletive deleted is the purpose of including Structure and then banning TRAINING it?? They should simply have left it off the record, or figured out a alternative way of including it. As it is, the Construction facet is quickly making me disgusted with the full thing, and odds are good that I'm likely to get fed up enough to simply start dropping the rocks that I get while coaching other abilities.

They seem to be rare undertaking. I just got my first one after I hit 85 slayer, and two more on level 87 and 88, respectively. The last two were on kuradel, therefore that she may assign them somewhat more often than lapalok. As for killing them; the two most well-known approaches are those close to the sara and buy osrs gold safe in zammy encampment.